We provide you with media that will enrich your leisure time in Tokyo.

For those who are traveling to Tokyo from far away.
For those who enjoy unexpected days off.
For those who have trouble making plans for going on dates or spending their leisure time.

We, your Tokyo-born and raised guides, want to introduce people such as these to Tokyo's timeless, impeccable classics.

In a constantly shifting Tokyo, we provide you with information on certain unchanging classics.

Tokyo is constantly in flux.
It is overflowing with constantly shifting words, visuals, sound, food, etc.

But we understand that trying to keep up with such trends in your leisure time is exhausting.
This is why our focus is on what doesn't change.

The stores, places, and merchandise that have continued to be loved by the people of Tokyo over a period of a year or more.
We are a source that provides you with information on these timeless classics.

We determine these classics by taking in accurate information from the most important sources.

So what are Tokyo's classics?
We make our determination mainly on the basis of the books and magazines that have shaped Tokyo's culture until now.

To what degree has a certain store, for example, been talked about, and for how long, and at what depth?



Founder/Project Planning/Production
Miki Ogawa

Born in 1991 in Tokyo, Japan. Handles editing and project planning for a range of media including books, weekly magazines, web media, and study tours. He is currently involved in content marketing strategy for a major Japanese web portal.