Seolleongtang: 1620 JPY

Akasaka Ichiryu Bekkan

A warm breakfast Seolleongtang for everybody, any time

If there’s a “Tokyo breakfast” genre, the first store we’d like to introduce is Akasaka Ichiryu Bekkan (Annex), specializing in Korean Seolleongtang. Seolleongtang is a traditional Korean dish, a simple, milky soup made by stewing beef and bones over a long period of time.

So why is an authentic Korean dish the first batter up for breakfast in Tokyo? That’s because the store is a glowing symbol for how the diversity of this city.

Tokyo is a city where all kinds of people go about all kinds of business.
That means different tastes, different breakfasts for different situations.
But Ichiryu’s Seollongtang graciously caters for each and every one.

Specifically? Firstly, it’s available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Ichiryu is here to welcome you whenever you visit. There’s no breakfast specific menu, but if you go, there’s always Seollongtang.

The Seollongtang itself also features a lot of diverse ways of enjoying it.
All the little bowls on the table are separate toppings.

The colorful toppings are delicious by themselves too.

The colorful toppings are delicious by themselves too.

The soup base is not strongly seasoned, but is packed with the flavor of ox bones, stewed over long periods of time. Add some of your favorite condiments and a little salt to make your very own, unique bowl.

A leading Japanese actress, Miwako Ichikawa, sums it all up below.


I’m very fond of this place, you can enjoy a bowl from the morning. The soup is white, opaque, packed with beef cheeks, Korean glass noodles, and scallions. The flavor is deep and rich, but with no saltiness. (extract) You can add salt, kimchi or rice; it’s fun changing how you enjoy it.

referenceMiwako Ichikawa, & Premium, “Hana to Chosoku (Flowers and breakfast)”, page 61, 2014年, MAGAZINE HOUSE

You can get free refills on toppings, so you don’t need to worry about running out of things when you create your own, uniquely balanced soup. The kimchi is fantastic by itself; you can’t compare the sweetness and umami with what’s on offer in Japanese stores.


Try this kimchi every morning to get a morning boost.

As you try all sorts of things, you’ll come out content, with a heat that’s seeped into your bones. The stock that comes out of the ox bones and the chilli in the kimchi help keep you warm and energized.

By the time you finish, you might have worked up a little sweat.

This is a bowl that warmly welcomes anyone, anytime.
If you get the chance, make sure you try this breakfast experience for an unforgettable morning in Tokyo.

What was white seolleongtang  to start with…ends up like this.

What was white soup to start with…ends up like this.


Akasaka Ichiryu Bekkan
2-13-17 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
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