Eggs on toast: 450 JPY

Kayaba Coffee

Built over a 100 years ago, enjoy a carefully crafted breakfast surrounded by beautiful wooden architecture. A local favorite.

Let us introduce a cherished breakfast experience here in Tokyo.

Founded in 1938, it was closed once in 2006, but due to extremely popular demand, it was re-opened in 2009. The grand, historic building of Kayaba Coffee was built in 1906 and has been left just as it was; the interior has been extensively renovated for modern comforts. The menu also combines the best of the old and the new.

The result is an ambiance that harks back to the good old days of Tokyo, combined with the finest comforts and flavors that the modern café experience can offer.[1]


The exterior, signs and chairs retain a genuine retro-modern charm. A popular establishment that sees a fair number of regulars as well as foreign tourists in the area

referenceKissaten Bunka Kenkyukai (Café Culture Study Group), “Showa Kissa no Morning & Lunch (Breakfast & Lunch in Showa-era cafés)”, page 38, 2016年, Tatsumi Publishing

A photograph of the interior of Kayaba Coffee 1F.

1st floor, a modern-style café, trendy and comfortable.

A photograph of the interior of Kayaba Coffee 2F.

2nd floor, echoes of a classic Japanese-style home. Tatami seats, a different mode of comfort.

The breakfast menu consists of sets with toast or sandwiches plus a drink.
The egg dishes hark from the original, pre-renovation menu, and have a dedicated fan base.

They have been covered by Japan’s most popular lifestyle magazines, like POPEYE [2] and BRUTUS [3] .


The springy, fluffy eggs and crunchy toast make for fun eating. A gentle taste for the perfect start to your Tokyo morning.

referenceTatsuya Onoda, POPEYE, “Tokyo ’14”, page 90, 2014年, MAGAZINE HOUSE


The house specialty is the egg sandwich, with a thick omelet inside. A faithful recreation of the original menu, it’s the most popular item on the menu. Seasoned simply with salt and pepper, the combination of the omelet with homemade bread made with locally sourced flour is simply divine.

referenceYoko Fujimori, BRUTUS, “Kissaten Suki. (I love cafés.)”, page 58, 2017年, MAGAZINE HOUSE

Breakfast set with an egg sandwich. The mustard mayo is fantastic.

Breakfast set with an egg sandwich. The mustard mayo is fantastic.

Inspiring apprentices and drinks

But it’s not just the main dish; a good main dish is a given. It’s just that the soup and drinks that come with it are also exceptionally good.

Let’s talk about the soup that comes with the bread. The parcooked onions in the soup combine sweetness with a crisp edge, serving the most discerning palate. What a great pick-me-up for the morning!

Kayaba coffee's soup. It makes A great pick-me-up for your morning.

A great pick-me-up for your morning.

The drinks are similarly good. The “Russian” is another favorite from the original menu, just like the egg dishes. It’s a mixture of cocoa and coffee; it has sweetness, a depth of flavor and the delicious aroma and after taste of coffee.

Russian, 500 yen.

The perfect balance of sweet and bitter. Russian, 500 yen.

A more recent highlight is the caffè latte. The latte is considered a pioneer of “third wave” coffee; this particular one features beans from Fuglen Coffee from Norway. A different take on coffee from the traditional Japanese “kissa” (café), the taste is closer to what you might expect from modern, trendy coffee stands and cafés. (To be fair, it might even be better.)

Caffè latte, 500 yen.

Not to be beaten by specialty stores. Caffè latte, 500 yen.

You can also find beans from Fuglen next to the counter.

You can also find beans from Fuglen next to the counter.

Old buildings, new atmosphere. A menu that combines carefully preserved classics and trendy, modern favorites.
In the ever-changing cityscape of Tokyo, this is the kind of breakfast that’s worth cherishing.

Kayaba coffee's exterior. It retains the ambiance of the Taisho period (early 1900s).

Exterior that retains the ambiance of the Taisho period (early 1900s).

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