Morning curry: 756 JPY (set includes coffee or tea)


Spicy fruit breakfast curry; a groundbreaking breakfast experience

Founded in 1881, Kyobashi Sembikiya is a leading establishment specializing in luxury fruit in Japan.

And its main store offers a one-of-a-kind breakfast.
Offered from 10AM to 11AM on weekdays only, the breakfast curry is something special. Packed full of papaya, avocado and cherry tomatoes, this is a fruit curry that you’ll only find here in Kyobashi Sembikiya.

Even the coasters are decorated with fruit.

Even the coasters are decorated with fruit.

The sign for the washroom is shaped like a melon.

The sign for the washroom is shaped like a melon. Everything in the store is based on a fruit motif.

Let’s make one thing clear. This isn’t just a fruit store gimmick. If we could, we’d eat it every day. This is a delicious, revitalizing curry that will start your day in style.

Full of fresh fruits and vegetables in curry.

Full of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Here’s a detailed report, as well as a guide to how to really enjoy it.

Let’s start with just the sauce and the rice.

You might be surprised by the authentic level of heat. It’s finished in a Western style, but it’s properly spicy and aromatic, with clear, vibrant flavors. The base palate has a delicious sweetness to it; apparently, it’s full of mango paste (as reported in &Premium, a leading Japanese lifestyle magazine), a flavorful, unique addition that you’ll only find in specialty fruit stores.[1]


The sauce, lovingly stewed with ripe mango paste and a variety of spices, has a surprising amount of heat.

referenceMariko Uramoto, &Premium, “Kokochiyoi Asa no Sugoshikata (How to spend mornings in comfort)”, page 68, 2017年, MAGAZINE HOUSE

The pickled shallots

The pickled shallots are a pleasant bonus.

Next, let’s try the avocado and cherry tomatoes.
You’ll be amazed by the umami that’s packed into these avocadoes. Avocadoes usually taste creamy and fatty, but the powerful umami is not something you’d expect.

Avocadoes here in Kyobashi Sembikiya aren’t your ordinary avocadoes. The texture reminds you of a fluffy potato, with a deep, powerful flavor. The pairing of spicy curry with this avocado is simply exquisite.

To top it off, the cherry tomatoes provide a stimulating contrast. While the entire dish is full of sweetness and aroma, the acidity of the tomatoes and the freshness of the vegetables make sure that your palate is never bored.

Once you’ve tried most things, why not take a little break with some papaya? The fruity flavors help balance out the spice and characterful flavors of the ingredients.

Finally, try everything together, the avocadoes, tomatoes, papaya, curry and rice.

Avocadoes, tomatoes, papaya, curry and rice.

Depth, acidity, sweetness, spiciness and umami; everything combines for perfect chemistry, perfect eating. You’ll feel awakened from the core and brought to your senses and, importantly, ready for a new day. This is a breakfast like no other. That may sound a bit much, but this is a truly special, delicious meal.

Your plate will be empty before you know it, but don’t forget dessert! This is one of Japan’s leading specialty fruit stores. Even a single strawberry will be a whole new experience. Even after your curry, the desserts are sure to leave their mark.

(Seasonal special) Strawberry parfait:  2268 JPY

(Seasonal special) Strawberry parfait, 2268 JPY


Kyobashi Sembikiya Honten
1-1-9, Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
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