Marl Chocolat: 2,322 JPY


The secret hideout for sophisticated chocolate.

Just around the corner from Tokyo Station, on the first floor of the Shin Marunouchi Building, stands a chocolatier that represents Tokyo, even Japan itself.

Its name is Chocolatier Palet d’Or. In 2018 this native brand of chocolate reaches its 14th year since its establishment.

In a phrase, the Marunouchi shop could be called “the secret hideout for sophisticated chocolate.”

In a space deep within the first floor of the Shin-Maru building, an elegant room reveals itself, where you can enjoy pairings of alcohol and chocolate. More details are given in Tokyo Chocolat Book of 2007.


The low-key and sophisticated shop interior is decorated in shades of dark brown. [ … ] It suggests the enjoyment of champagne, cognac, single-malt whisky, and of course chocolate.

referencechico, “Tokyo Chocolat Book”, page 28, 2007年, gap Japan

 Palet d’Or Package

Their specialty, Palet d’Or, expresses extraordinary design as a sophisticated article, down to the packaging.

 Palet d’Or: 1,836 JPY

Palet d’Or: 1,836 JPY

Naturally, the flavor is also top-notch. This brand's owner, Mr. Shunsuke Saegusa’s commitment to chocolate is so complete that he built a bean-to-bar workshop that handles the entire process from cacao bean to finished chocolate in Kiyosato, Yamanashi Prefecture.

The chocolate you can partake in at the Marunouchi shop also reflects that commitment; thus, the tablets of chocolate that you can select from according to the origin of their cacao have been commended in 2015 by the publication Tokyo’s Best Patisseries.[2]


A veteran chocolatier, who continues to challenge himself to greater heights of flavor ( … ) the tablets, whose ingredients originate in Cuba, Haiti, and other places and are made with firm wisdom and experience, are variously spicy, bittersweet, and otherwise filled with the idiosyncrasies of the beans used to make them.

referencechico, “Tokyo’s Greatest Patisseries”, page 95, 2015年, PIA

The inquisitiveness is evident from the fact that Saegusa pursued this fascination with ingredients even before the bean-to-bar trend began to flourish.

If the fruit of this inquisitiveness can be summed up in a single article, it would be Marl Chocolat, the first experiment of its kind in the world. No sugar whatsoever is used to craft it; it is an unprecedented chocolate made only with honey.

Marl Chocolat	Box of 6: 2,322 JPY

Marl Chocolat: 2,322 JPY

There is no other word to describe its flavor than “noble.”

This is not to say that the honey is overpowering (if you weren’t told about it, you might not have noticed it), but simply that the single-mindedly luxuriant sweetness melts in your mouth.

There are scores of “chocolate experiences” that can be enjoyed only here and nowhere else.

When speaking of high-end chocolatiers in Tokyo, one tends to envision leading foreign brands, but Chocolatier Palet d’Or can certainly hold its own among those champions. It is chocolate that the Japanese people can take pride in.


Shin-Marunouchi Building 1F,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo, 100-6501,Japan
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