Chocolatier Erica

A cute yet elegant downtown chocolatier with the taste of happiness

When you hear of a “downtown chocolatier” rather than a “downtown bakery”, what do you think of?

A special but not pretentious store that you can trust.

Less than a 10 minute walk from Shirokanedai station in Tokyo, Minato-ku, there is just such a shop: Chocolatier Erica.

If you visit, there are two things that you must absolutely try. The first is the “Ma Bonne”. A dreamy, hefty chocolate bar, filled with marshmallows and nuts.

Ma Bonne mini 1354JPY

Ma Bonne mini: 1354 JPY

By reading that you could get the impression that this is an onverly sweet, heavy treat, but that is not the case. With a well balanced sweetness and light marshmallows, everything in this is “just right”.

The harmonious combination of chocolate, peanuts, and marshmallow tastes just like happiness.

“Thermae Romae” author Mari Yamazaki loves Ma Bonne too.[1]


It is full of marshmallows, which I love, and the taste, consistency, and volume of the chocolate are just perfect for my taste. [...] Just by having this in my fridge I can feel constantly happy for a while.

referenceMari Yamazaki, anan, “favorite chocolates!!!”, page 23, 2017年, MAGAZINE HOUSE

Ma Bonne mini Package

The tasteful packaging also makes it perfect as a present.

If “Ma Bonne” is a special present from the downtown chocolatier, then you need to try something that will become an everyday treat.

That would be the mint chocolate using the store’s iconic light green color.


mint: 882 JPY

mint: 882 JPY

This cute leaf shaped chocolate comes inside a light green box. It is Chocolatier Erica’s signature product, and we would like for people that do not usually like mint to try it out.

The mint’s refreshing taste perfectly balances the rich chocolate flavor.
Actress and model Yuko Araki has been a fan of this chocolate since when she was a child. [2]


I still remember when I my mother brought me to the store for the first time, when I was in middle school. [...] Don’t you think that mint chocolate tastes like toothpaste? (laughs) That could be why many people dislike it, but they would fall in love with it if they tried this one. Even if they don’t usually like it, the will love this!

referenceYuko Araki, anan, “favorite chocolates!!!”, page 17, 2017年, MAGAZINE HOUSE

Be it Ma Bonne or the mint chocolate, how can this chocolatier’s goods be so simple yet delicious?

There are many factors involved, but it is mainly because of the careful production process, the freshness, and the care put into preserving an ideal cooking environment. The chocolate served in the store has all been freshly made.[3]


The floor above the shop holds the atelier, where chocolate is made to be sold, fresh, on the floor below. The reason for the continued refusal to sell the products in department stores and branches is because of this attention to freshness.

reference“Tokyo Chocolat Book”, page 52, 2007年, gap Japan

It is also surprising how the store is completely closed for the whole of August, a month unfit for chocolate production.[4]


Chocolate which is melty to the right degree and full of flavor is created through a scrupulous management of temperature and humidity, and the use of advanced techniques. [...] Closing the store for the whole of August, a month unfit for the production of chocolate, is one of the reasons for Chocolatier Erica’s long life.

referenceChocolate Book, “Featured chocolate shop”, 49頁, 2011年, Ei publishing

Chocolatier Erica is a store that makes you wish for it to be located near you.

Come to the shop and enjoy delicious chocolate in Chocolatier Erica’s dreamy atmosphere.


Chocolatier Erica
4-6-43, Shirokane, Minato-ku, Tokyo
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