green bean to bar CHOCOLATE

The look is pop, but it’s surprisingly delicious! A cacao factory on the Meguro River.

Take a walk along the Meguro River at night when it’s dark. The path runs from Naka-Meguro Station in the direction of Ikejiri-Ohashi Station. Walk for about ten minutes, and when a bright and spacious shop that looks like a café suddenly appears, you’ve reached Green Bean to Bar Chocolate. No one would ever suspect that this is a factory where they make chocolate from cacao beans.

The “Bean to Bar” that adorns the shop’s name is also the name of a trend that has been taking the chocolate world by storm since the 2010s. Recently, not a few chocolate shops have incorporated this “bean-to-bar” style created using cacao beans.

And we think that this is the cacao bar that best represents bean-to-bar in Tokyo.

In addition to the ingredients and production methods that reevaluate the very existence of chocolate itself, there is also the cute pop-style package design that has left an impression on so many people and the shop atmosphere. There isn’t any of that luxury-style feeling that people get sick of, nor is there the arrogant attitude of “let only those who understand us understand,” which is so common in “cutting edge” shops.

There is just an atmosphere that pervades both the shop and the product of carefully pursuing the deliciousness in chocolate and communicating it in an attractive way.

green bean to bar CHOCOLATE's bar MADAGASCAR 70%:



The flavor is also beyond reproach. For a friend who has never eaten bean-to-bar chocolate, this is the one to have them eat for the first time. While there is plenty of that bean-to-bar flavor that evokes the charm in cacao, it isn’t a flamboyant flavor; it’s really delicious even as just “chocolate.”

The secret evidently lies in the careful attention and time spent on handiwork. Production method secrets were featured in detail in 2016 in “Hanako” (one of Japan’s leading cultural magazines). [1]


The chocolate uses carefully selected cacao beans and light brown sugar. Craftsmen perform all production processes by hand, and the chocolate is created over approximately 45 days.

referenceEtsuko Onodera, Hanako, “High-Cacao BOOK”, page 18, 2016年, MAGAZINE HOUSE

Try just one bite, and you’ll be sure to sense the careful attention that goes into making this chocolate, to say nothing of the workshop and equipment visible beyond the cash register that you’ll see when you enter the shop.

By all means, let yourself be present at that moment when a single cacao bean is reborn as painstakingly created chocolate.

White Day Chocolate 2017

They also make limited season products for occasions such as White Day and visiting the shop is always fun, no matter when you go.


green bean to bar CHOCOLATE
2-16-11 Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo,
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