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The finest in chocolate cakes and ultimate bon bons chocolat

There is one shop you want to share with people when they ask you about where to get tasty chocolate in Tokyo. Its name: Origines Cacao. This shop will let you truly understand what quality chocolate is all about.

The owner chef, Kawaguchi, was also responsible for Wako Chocolate, Japan’s first boutique chocolate shop. After working there, he opened Origines Cacao in 2003.

The chocolate at Origines Cacao is simply outstanding. There is the quality of the ingredients, the feel in your mouth of the bon bons chocolat and their aroma, and the creativity applied to the various sweets and chocolates. Everything about the shop is without a blemish -- perfection.

As if to attest to this, the chocolates here have received accolades for over ten years. Here we discuss just a few of them. [1][2]


Surprisingly, a lot of the chocolate produced in the studio is of a basic kind. Because of the simplicity, each of them has a straightforward appeal that is delicious the moment you put them in your mouth, from the texture, to the melting, to the aroma.

reference“Tokyo Chocolat Book”, page 76, 2007年, gap Japan


Skills and ideas that bring out the features of chocolate to the fullest. This is coupled with a balanced flavor throughout their numerous chocolates.

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Of note are the bon bons chocolat and the ketz cake. First, let’s discuss the bon bons chocolat.

Packaged ORIGINES CACAO'S bon bons chocolat

ORIGINES CACAO'S bon bons chocolat

Chocolate is included in pretty package

A wide variety of bon bons chocolat are on offer.

Each and every one is delicious and a joy to eat. Of note is the texture when you bite in, and the pleasantly smooth feel.

You may think that bon bons are the same everywhere you go, but Origines Cacao, at least, is different. Magazines like an-an and other publications go into detail about them. [3][4]


The chef’s ideal form of bon bons chocolat is one in which the surface slightly melts as you put it in your mouth, with the surface having a crunch as you bite, accompanied by the smooth ganache, and finally the texture of the chocolate around it.

referenceYukiko Omori, “Tokyo’s Greatest Patisseries”, page 78, 2015年, PIA


Kawaguchi has carefully measured the rate of chocolate melting in the mouth in order to create chocolate in which the texture has a nice impact and second note…the thin coating gently cracks and produces an amazing texture

referenceanan, “favorite chocolates!!!”, page 50, 2017年, MAGAZINE HOUSE

They are all outstanding. Pick any one. Simply pick any bon bon, buy it, and pop it in your mouth. You have to try this at least once.

Another must alongside the bon bons is the ketza, a special chocolate cake.


Ketza: 540 JPY

It is rich, mellow, deep, smooth. Everything about it seems to go beyond and transcend the very idea of chocolate cakes as we know them. Let’s refer to some of the glowing praise it has received in various books. [5][6]


The ketza, consisting of six layers of chocolate dough and 70% cacao chocolate, is truly the fusion of the patissier’s and chocolatier’s craft.

referenceYukiko Omori, “Tokyo’s Greatest Patisseries”, page 78, 2015年, PIA


The impactful aroma of cacao and the subtle milky feel make this one sweet where nothing has been left to chance. The cacao note gently emerges, producing a nice aftertaste.

reference“Tokyo Exquisite Sweets”, page 34, 2017年, PIA

Both the cakes and the chocolate do not aim to be showy for originality’s sake. They use the purest ingredients and are works of perfection underscored by experience.

What you will find is simply chocolate that is delicious, as far as the eye can see. You have to try it yourself.


2-25-7, Midorigaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
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