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About the quotation in the article

All citations on this site are published in accordance with "quotations" stated in Article 32 of the Japanese Copyright Law. Specifically, quotations are made in a manner that meets the following requirements indicated by the Agency for Cultural Heritage.

  1. Materials to be quoted are those already published
  2. To be consistent with "fair practice" (for example, that there is "inevitability" to quote and the citation part becomes clearer by key brackets etc for languages copyrighted works)
  3. It is "within a legitimate range" for the purpose of quoting coverage such as news, criticism, research, etc. (For example, it is clear that the "master-slave relationship" between the quoted portion and the other portion is clear and the amount quoted is minimum It must be within the limit)
  4. It is necessary to clarify the source

The copyright of quotations themselves belongs to the owner of the quotation origin.

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