Wonton Noodles with Bean Sprouts: 950 JPY


Ramen, beloved for 60 years, yet it never grows tired or stale

In recent years, Shibuya’s Kiraku has been featured as a crucial fixture of Tokyo by quite a few ramen books.[1]

Many note its “nostalgic, traditional flavor” and the “soothing” atmosphere.

But don’t even think about dismissing it as just another ramen shop full of Showa nostalgia.

The aromatic flavor has its base in Taiwan.
The wontons are tender and go down easy.

Just one taste of these, and you’ll surely understand the appeal that hasn’t faded in 60 years.

This is unmistakably a ramen that can represent Tokyo.


This shop is a standard among standards in the world of Tokyo ramen. It counts among its customers no small number of second- and third-generation regulars as well as famous fans.

reference“Tokyo Exquisite Ramen”, page 44, 2007年, Ei Publishing

A combination of simple soup and fried green onions

The basic stock is a broth made by simmering chicken and pork bones for 7-8 hours. The final soups are made by adding condiments such as soy sauce tare to this stock.

The soup itself is extremely simple and has a subtle flavor. It also has a light mouthfeel.

What quality is it that makes the ramen made with this soup as a foundation utterly unique? It’s the flavor of the fried green onions that float in the broth.

The sweet and savory flavor of the fried green onions seems to cover over the mild soup. Nevertheless, it never becomes heavy, and you’ll find yourself slurping it up over and over again. Here is an experience you can only sample at Kiraku.

BRUTUS, a culture magazine representing Japan, has published a special ramen edition since 2013, and according to it, the fried green onion used here originates in Taiwan. [2]


A matchless flavor with roots in Taiwan. An original ramen fragrant with fried green onions. ( … ) The founder, who came from Taiwan, introduced fried green onions and boiled eggs 60 years ago.

referenceBRUTUS, “Ramen, Soba, Udon”, page 93, 2013年, MAGAZINE HOUSE

The originality loved for 60 years came from the combination of this soup with fried green onions.

The fried rice

The fried rice, which in fact tastes as delicious as the ramen, is also recommended. 800 JPY


2-17-6, Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
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