Soupless Tantanmen


Enjoy the Essence of Chinese Cuisine with Perfectly Clear Shio Ramen and Soupless Tantanmen

“It has the flavor of authentic, top-quality Chinese cuisine.” It is surprisingly rare to feel this way about ramen, which has now become a national dish of Japan.

However, when you slurp the soup of the shio ramen from Kintoki, you will unmistakably be reminded of shang tang soup, a high-quality Chinese dish, and the niku miso, which is ground meat seasoned with miso, from the soupless tantanmen allows you to savor the exquisite flavors of spices that you have probably never experienced before. We are confident that this is ramen that unmistakably represents Tokyo.

Doing further research, it turns out that the shopkeeper Mr. Yamaguchi became the owner after building up his career at Chinese restaurants. [1] This explains how it is possible for the soup to have such a glorious umami flavor while being transparent, which does not happen with ordinary shio ramen. He has also been mentioned in a Michelin Guide. [2]


He set his sights on Chinese cuisine in the local Chiba area, studied diligently in famous restaurants around Tokyo, and opened a Chinese restaurant in Choshi.

referenceHanako, “Yakiniku!also like Ramen”, page 88, 2015年, MAGAZINE HOUSE


Using Chinese techniques, he extracts umami from ground chicken meat over 4 hours and also adds the stock from dried shellfish adductor muscles. The clear, elegant taste is appealing.

reference“Michelin Guide Tokyo 2017”, page 180, 2016年, Michelin Tires Japan

Shio Ramen

Shio Ramen

However, we would like to recommend the soupless tantanmen in particular. We have heard that he has specialized in this menu item since his time in Choshi, Chiba.

It is impactful, does not taste like junk food as soupless ramen commonly does, and has an addictive flavor of complex spices.
If possible, we would like you to visit with your friends and share it with them along with the ramen.

Soupless TanTanmen


1-2-7, Kotakecho, Nerima-ku, Tokyo
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