Special Veggie Soba: 1100 JPY


A new kind of ramen rich in veggies with an umami and sweet flavor

If you want something unique to Tokyo, you can’t miss out on this ramen. Veggie soba. This vegetable ramen is characterized by a vegetable soup made out of cabbage and carrot broth and thin noodles with paprika kneaded into the dough.

The sweet, rich taste of the soup is part of a whole other world of flavors than that of animal-based soups. We would almost go so far as to say it’s a western style taste. Even then, it has a much thicker and more mellow flavor than what you’d expect from a vegetable soup, making for a tasty bowl of ramen soup worthy of the name.

This ramen isn’t just a gimmick. We started our business in June 2011, and in six years we have opened three other locations in Kyobashi, Kojimachi, and Tokyo Station. Focusing on the city center, we continue to create new fans of our veggie bowls.

Sora's smoothie: 150 JPN

Sora's smoothie: 150 JPN

It also bears mentioning that this ramen is very popular with female cus-tomers. For more information, you can check out what the 2017 Michelin Tokyo and POPEYE, Japan’s representative culture magazine, had to say on that point. [1][2]


The soup of this veggie soba that’s so popular with women is made out of a mussel salt-based sauce and carrot puree, and goes great with the thin paprika noodles.

reference“Michelin Guide Tokyo 2017”, page 244, 2016年, Michelin Tires Japan


The soup’s unique sweetness got me hooked, and it goes well with the paprika noodles as well. . . . I recommend taking those kinds of girls who are always saying they want to eat vegetables to this place.

referenceMayumi Yamase, Ken Miyamoto, POPEYE, “TOKYO EAT-UP GUIDE VOL.2”, page 39, 2017年, MAGAZINE HOUSE

Also, the unconventional taste of this ramen apparently reaches across borders to attract foreigners. Groups of both Asian and western foreigners have enjoyed our ramen at the Kojimachi location.

A vegan and vegetarian veggie soba is also available as an option so that everyone, no matter their culture or beliefs, can enjoy our ramen. We are also trying out a gluten-free ramen at our Tokyo Station location.

I think that the diversity of our plans is an important part of what makes us Sora no Iro. Finally, let me quote a message from the store owner, Mr. Miyazaki.


Sora no Iro opened in June 2011. Since our opening, we’ve aspired to convey the flavor and charm of Japan’s national dish, ramen, to customers we’ve rarely seen before, such as women, vegetarians, and foreigners who come to eat at Sora no Iro.

reference“soranoiro official website”, 2018年,

Our ramen, pioneering new tastes and clientele, truly represents the ever-changing nature of Tokyo.


Kojimachi Main Store ~ ​​Soranoiro japanese soup noodle free style ~
1-3-10, Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


Tokyo Station shop - Soranoiro NIPPON
1-9-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
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